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Guns, germs and steel

Author - Jared Diamond

Communicating India's soft power

Author - Daya Kishan Thussu

Rise and fall of the third chimpanzee

Author - Jared Diamond

Wonderful life

Author - Stephen Jay Gould

Stuff matters

Author - Mark Miodownik

Emperor's new mind

Author - Roger Penrose

Short history of nearly everything

Author - Bill Bryson

Principal crude herbal drugs of India

Author - Y K Sarin

Tilasm (in hindi)

Author - Sharad Joshi

Deep- shikha (in hindi)

Author - Mahadevi Verma

Kurukshetra (in hindi)

Author - Ramdhari Singh Diwakar

Sadhana (in hindi)

Author - Ravindra Nath Tagore

Alex through the looking glass

Author - Alex Bellos

Water 4.0

Author - David Sedlak

Why does E=mc2?

Author - Brian Cox

Sun Kings

Author - Stuart Clark

Perfect theory

Author - Pedro G. Ferreira

Man who couldn't stop

Author - David Adam

Ancestor's tale

Author - Richard Dawkins

Life on the edge

Author - Jim Al-Khalili


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